BACTO-H2S Special features:
(1) Ready to Use:
The water sample from the source can be directly taken into the presterilized BACTO-H2S bottle. Presterilized ampoule contains pre-measured sterile media. There is no need of preparation and sterilization of media or sterilization of bottle. Bacteriological test of sample water starts at sample source.

(2) Simplicity:
BACTO-H2Sbacteriological test is so simple that even a layman can perform it. It is most suited for rural area.

(3) Economical:
BACTO-H2S is most economical proposition. It does not require any set up or Laboratory or services
of microbiologist.

(4) Portability:
BACTO-H2S,bottle is made up of plastic, very light in weight, easy to carry anywhere anytime.

(5) Disposable:
Destroy after use.

(6) Confidence:
BACTO-H2S Results are reliable, meaningful and reproducible.

(7) Illustrative Direction:
Simple to follow illustrative directions are given on leaflet which explains the use of the test kit.